The recording project of Suite Jubilation has been over a decade in the making.  This composition and recording project began with my dream to combine 18 piece jazz orchestra with full chorus for an emotional journey through music and creation.  I started the Calgary Jazz Orchestra in 2004 , and since the inception, this orchestra has harboured countless award winning musicians and become critically acclaimed across North America.  To use this orchestra in recording Suite Jubilation is to use an ensemble that has grown together artistically for over a decade.  The composition of Suite Jubilation began with the formation of the orchestra, and it too transformed and grew to become a masterpiece highlighting the strengths and character of each musician on their instrument. 

The addition of New West Symphony Chorus extends the musical family of this project as I have worked closely with these artists within Calgary throughout the years.  They have a strong passion for singing and an eagerness to learn and grow together that their artistic abilities strengthen with each project.  

The combination of both the jazz orchestra and choir create an awe inspiring, spiritual and uplifting experience that radiates from their performance.  Suite Jubilation premiered in concert in June of 2015, to a sold out crowd of over 600 patrons, with a packed stage of musicians and vocalists.  It became very evident from this performance that the suite should be recorded to share this experience with others across Canada.  With my work as a composer, producer and director of the Calgary Jazz Orchestra I have had the creative liberty to refine, and customize the performance and recording of this composition to it’s highest interpretation.  The strength of the choir brings the vocals on this composition to the next level of artistry, and in combination with the orchestra is proven to be a success. 

When you contribute and partner with us for this campaign, you are becoming part of the recording project and part of something much bigger.  You’re choosing to join our team and create something remarkable that celebrates and highlights Canadian artistry. 

Here is a break down of the cost for a project such as this; studio recording fees, mixing, and mastering will cost approximately $11,500 CDN, artist fees approximately $13,800 in addition to album design, photography, videography for the project and the manufacturing of the physical album copies.  

With a financial commitment of this magnitude for a project like Suite Jubilation, there is a high level of excitement and nerves, but also a level of confidence and joy that overrides with the image of the final product in sight for April 2017.  We would love for you to come along with us. 

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We are asking for a partnership from you where we can all work together on this.  

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Let’s create something together, something for all of us.